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Accessibility Presentations & Industry Articles

Festival of Accessibility May 21, 2021. The Future of A11Y

Deque’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day ‘After Party’ May 21, 2020. 

BISG Thought Leader Series April 2019. Let's Make Things Easier: Simplicity Through Partnership

CSUN 2019: Accessibility Initiatives and Commitments from Major Higher Ed Publishers
Accessing Higher Ground Conference 2018: More Accessible Than You Realize: What the Big 5 Publishers Provide
AHEAD Conference 2018: Puzzled or Frustrated by Accessible Procurement? How to Get Results Through Smart Policies and Savvy Partnerships with Publishers and Other Vendors
IMS Learning Impact 2018: Accessibilities’ Ariadne's Thread: Solving the Labyrinth for Accessible Course Materials
BISG: Voices Of Accessibility Amnet Thought Leader Series November 13, 2018.
BISG: The Future of Publishing Accessibility Partnerships in Higher Education Adoption
Book Business "How Accessible Content Can Unlock New & Diverse Audiences" Webinar
CSUN 2017: An Accessible Textbook Ecosystem in a Time of Improving Requirements
National Federation for the Blind EBooks and EPUB Accessibility: Seminar in Baltimore March 6, 2017.
IMS Global Accessibility Key Principles for Digital eText Materials (EPUB)
DAM New York 2017: Accessibility: DAM and Metadata: Opportunities and Challenges in the Pursuit of Equality & Jonathan Thurston outlines the benefits of implementing Accessibility Metadata
PSP 2017: Accessibility The Publishers Speak!
atLIVEedu-Kurzweil Education Webinar: Why ePUB 3 is the Gold Standard for Accessibility
Accessing Higher Ground 2016: Vendor Tips on Accessible Procurement
Be A Power Player at the Procurement Table! Tips from the Vendor's Chair
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